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Dance Year at a Glance

We offer sessions seasonally to accommodate the year round and visiting residents of Nantucket.


Winter: January 7th - February 25th

Spring: March 6th - May 27th*

Summer: June 26th - August 25th

Fall: September 11th - December 9th*

*Our Spring session ends with a children's ballet, and our Fall session ends with the annual Nantucket Nutcracker  

Private Lessons are available year-round.

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Pre-Primary Ballet

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Pre-Primary Ballet is a weekly, 45 minute drop off ballet class, designed for ages 3+ with little or no dance experience. The class is an introduction to ballet and creative movement.
Children must be potty trained and comfortable in a drop-off class setting.

Primary Ballet

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Primary Ballet is designed for ages 5+ and who have experience (minimum one session) of ballet training. This class meets once weekly for 45 minutes.
Class is a combination of imaginative exercises that help develop early fundamentals of ballet such as balance, musicality and flexibility.

Levels 1 - 7

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Placement in Level 1 and above is at the discretion of the instructor. Students should have a minimum of 1 year ballet training and have successfully completed Primary Ballet or the previous level. 
Class work starts at the barre and moves center floor. Exercises emphasize posture, placement, musicality, and expands upon ballet vocabulary in each level



Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance. Class will begin with a Jazz/ballet combo warm up, focus on jazz technique and choreography to popular music. Dancers will work to connect their steps together with fluidity and grace. Open to students ages 8+

Contemporary Dance

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Contemporary class will focus on ballet and jazz techniques while exploring a modern movement vocabulary. High energy, highly expressive, and designed to help dancers develop and express their artistry. Open to ages 12+

Adult Dance and Dance Fitness


We are pleased to offer dance classes for the adult population as well! All levels are welcome from beginner to advanced! Please click the button below to see our current offerings.

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